The Plan

Things have become a more fleshed out over the last week and now things are a little more clear about my upcoming time in India. 

Tomorrow I fly out via Birmingham and Dubai. I’ve got about 7 hours in Dubai, but I suspect it will be taken up in an airport lounge. Then I’ll be based in Chennai for the next few weeks. At the end of May I’m going to spend a weekend in Colombo, Sri Lanka before returning to India. I’ll then move onto Hyderabad for a month before taking in a weekend in Dubai. Then it’s back to India and either Hyderabad or Chennai depending on which location requires my services more. 

That brings us up to the start of August when I’ll finish up with work and have a couple of weeks to myself before returning home via Dubai. 

The return of an old friend
The return of an old friend

I’m pretty much all packed. All the major stuff anyway, just a couple of bits to sort out in my carry on. I’ve got to be honest and say that I never really thought that I’d be packing that bag again for a multi-month trip. It is pretty much full and filling it with work shirts and my work shoes felt very odd. It also means I’m taking twice what I’d have taken for a trip of my own and I need my normal clothes as well. It all adds to the weight, but since I won’t need to be carting it around every other day that doesn’t matter as much this time.

Where is the hair? What a difference a week makes.
Where is the hair? What a difference a week makes.

My passport and visa arrived today (talk about leaving it to the last second). It’s a photo visa and it is already looking a tad out of date as I went and had a large amount of hair chopped off earlier today in anticipation of the heat. Really I should have done it before heading out to Egypt as it was a real struggle out there with that barnet. 

So now, I’m going to order my favourite takeaway, put the cover over the bike, watch a movie and get a decent nights sleep before it all kicks off tomorrow.

If it’s nothing else, it’ll be an experience. 

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