So, I’m kinda going away again…

When I got back from travelling in 2013, I found it surprisingly difficult to find work once I returned. I eventually took on a three month contract working on a project that I found interesting. Two years later and I’m still working there and things have been going really well.

Just before I went to Egypt I was presented with an opportunity by my employer which I’ve found impossible to turn down. 

On Saturday I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading out to Chennai, India to do some work and I won’t be coming back for another 3 months. Actually it’ll be closer to 4 months because I’ve arranged to take a bit of time off afterwards before coming back to work in Guernsey.

As I say, very sudden and a massive upheaval at very short notice. But I’ve always wanted to work in a different culture and this was too much of an opportunity to turn down.

I am going out there to work, but I will be looking to visit other parts of the country during the weekends, and I expect there will be a number of photos appearing here over the next few months. Plus at the end I’ll be heading off elsewhere for a couple of weeks but I’ve nothing even close to concrete in terms of ideas for that trip.

So, it’s all systems go and I’m frantically putting everything together before I head out and see where I’ll be living and meeting my new colleagues next week.

Exciting times.

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