It’s been a while, but I’m off on my travels again.

So here I am at Guernsey airport and waiting to board the Aurigny to Gatwick. From there I’ll be flying onto my final destination and the first non-business trip I’ve had in nearly 2 years.  

2 years?! If you’d have asked me when I came back from traveling when I’d next be looking to go away Id have said 6 months, tops. 

2 years!

Anyway, my bags packed and I have my camera and I’m going to put it to good use over the next week. 

Where am I going? Well I’m going to a land of Ancient Gods and Ancient temples. A land that has practically passed into legend. 

I’m going to Egypt. 

Luxor to be precise; and I’m going to spend the next week visiting every temple and tomb that I can. And of course, the photos will be coming. 

So I’m off, and this is just the first part of a very exciting time for me. One which brings the prospect of many more updates and photos from further afield…


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