iPhone Panorama St Peter Port Harbour

iPhone Panorama St Peter Port Harbour//widgets.flickr.com/embedr/embedr.js

It’s funny, I look at this photo and I think what a shame it is that the details are smoothed out through noise reduction and that there is still a lot of noise despite this. 

It’s almost like I’ve used a DSLR from 10-12 years ago. 

Then I remember that I took this photo using my phone. Handheld at dusk and that it is an autostiched panorama. The camera was always moving, there was not careful lining up and adjustment of tripods. 

I just walked past on my way out of work, liked the lighting and stillness, pulled my phone out and seconds later had a photo that I’d have spent a long time making a few years ago. 

Sure its rougher than if I’d used my camera gear. But then I’d have never taken this photo in the first place as I didn’t have it with me. 

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

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