Off again

It’s been over a month since I returned home. In that time I’ve mainly frozen in the giant icecube that is my house. Earlier this week Guernsey found itself in the midst of a winter storm which the local media, with absolutely no sense of irony, has termed “Snowmaggedon“. 

The blizzard hit on Monday morning and snow quickly began to accumulate around the island.
The blizzard hit on Monday morning and snow quickly began to accumulate around the island.

It came a little out of the blue as the preceding week and even now a couple of days later the weather seemed to have turned a corner and actually been quite pleasant. By pleasant I mean that I was able to complete a couple of journeys on the motorbike and retain the full feeling in my fingers along the way. 

Generally I’ve been colder then I ever have before, which I’ve attributed to the lack of an autumn to ease me into the cooler temperatures. Instead I went straight from one of the hotter countries on Earth – one experiancing record temperatures, into a Guernsey winter. 

It is not something that I can recommend. 

Even a few days later the island remained covered.
Even a few days later the island remained covered.

It is the first time that I can ever remember not being at work during snow in Guernsey. Blizzards are far more pleasurable when watching from a window and wrapped in a blanket then from the front seat of an insane traffic jam or looking out of the office window and wondering how long it is going to take to walk home in it.

However did have one concern. 

How long would the airport remain closed?

This worried me because once again it is time to pack my bags, curse humanity as I navigate airport security and finally arrive in a new country. For yes, I am off again. 

Where to? I hear literally no-one cry. Well, I’m off to visit a friend in Switzerland. Geneva to be precise. Yet I am completely unprepared. 

I’m staying with Glenn and I’m meeting him at the airport. So I have no accommodation booked, no idea about transport and next to nothing about the city itself. I do know that the Geneva Motorshow has its last day on Sunday and that I have twisted Glenn’s arm and so will be going to that. I know that there is Lake Geneva and a giant fountain type thingy and that is where my knowledge ends.  

I think this is going to be a little different to most of my trips. I won’t be there alone for a start. It is a trip primarily to see a mate, but I will of course be heading out and about, camera in hand to take some photos of what I hear is a beautiful city. 

But for now, I need to finish packing for tomorrow, adventure will come…. again.

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