A Change of Plans

I’ve decided to return home earlier then I originally planned. Well, I say home, but I don’t actually know if I will be heading straight back to Guernsey or if I’ll be heading somewhere else first. I’ve booked a flight to Heathrow from Auckland for just before my birthday towards the end of February. I’d been considering it for a while, and I came to a decision on Christmas Day.

I’ve written about Christmas Day as being the worst day I’ve had since I started this journey. I’d pretty much made up my mind before then, but it was what cemented the decision.
I’d realised a couple of things when I was staying in Hoi An. The first was that I was pleased to be spending time in one place. I’d been operating on empty for a while thanks to hopping from place to place every other day. I was enjoying going to places, but I was fed up of spending 6 hours a day in a bus every other day.
This next thing will sound a bit confusing. Basically I am fed up of being alone whilst surrounded by people. Having two weeks of just doing my own thing, at times when I wanted; allowed me to realise just how much I value my privacy and own space. I’m just fed up of doing this all on my own. I want to share the experience with someone, and I want to have someone that can pick me up and push me when I’m feeling tired or lazy.

I’m fed up of shared accommodation, or more precisely sharing with people I don’t know. I’m fed up of being the one thats tiptoeing around a trying to be silent, and then having to listen to every other dickhead smashing carrier bags together, stamping around and generally having no consideration for others. 10 years ago, I’d be fine with it. Nowadays not so much.
But at the same time I’m fed up of doing amazing things and having no-one to share it with.

I also released that I was not actually looking forward to visiting South America. I had no excitement about it at all. Apart from Machu Picchu there really wasn’t anything that I was massively excited about seeing.

Knowing that I had at least another four months of doing the same amount of arriving and moving on a day or two later, four solid months of shared rooms, and not actually having a reason to want to go in the first place suddenly seemed a bloody stupid thing for me to be spending my time and money on.

I’ve cancelled the tours and accommodation that I had booked for all of South America. I’ve lost a couple of hundred quid on it, but I’ve also had a few grand refunded.

I’m using some of that money to supplement my budget for here in Australia and when I get to New Zealand. I’m going to be staying in hotels and singles for the rest of my journey. With the exception of the tours of the Aussie East Coast and New Zealand. I can’t do anything about those, but I could at least for the rest of the time.
Its also why I’ve been able to do a couple of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do – such as the boat trip up the river, and heading out to the Pinnacles – with the budget I had. I’ve a few other cool things lined up for the rest of my time away thanks to that additional budget.

The funny thing is that I’m not actually sure that I want to return home just yet. I’m just sure that I don’t want to go to South America.
I’m certainly not ready to start looking for a new job.

I had hoped to be spending some of my time here in Australia checking out the possibility of doing some of the things I have on my bucket list. Unfortunately since I’ve not stayed anywhere that has had a net connection yet, I’ve been unable to make any progress.
My current thinking is that I’ll take a cheap flight out of Heathrow to the Middle East. I’ve always wanted to see the Pyramids and Petra and the thought of spending my money on a trip there, seems much more appealing then spending it on somewhere that I’ve no excitement about visiting. But right now I have zero idea about cost or availability and I won’t until I’m able to use the net to do some research.
So as it stands now I’m returning to London at the end of February. As stupid as this sounds, I’ve realised I don’t know when I arrive. I leave Auckland and fly to Heathrow, a total flight time of 25 hours. Which sounds simple enough to work out, except that I’ve realised since I’m flying East, I’ll be crossing the International Date line and the way my brain is currently so fatigued I can’t get my head around it. My flight confirmation says depart 12:45, arrive 12:45. But its a 25 hour flight, so why isn’t that 13:45 – and how can I arrive at the same time in London when its 12 hours ahead of New Zealand? A 12 or 36 hour flight hour flight and I see how that works, but a 25 hour flight…? Yeah, my brain hurts.

But at some point I will arrive in London, and at some point I will leave London. I am just unsure where my destination will be when I do.

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