Five Non Obvious Things I Miss From Home

1. Proper bacon and sausages. If you put a ninja between me and a chicken, bacon and mayo sandwich right now; I don’t think the ninja would stand a chance. I’ve had something approximating bacon three times since leaving home. Steamed bacon shavings would probably be a more accurate statement. Limp, mainly fat streaky sort of things served in bulk by hotels in Thailand out of huge metal vats. My heart fluttered on reading the word ‘bacon’ and promptly fell when I saw it. Is positively slumped when I tasted it. The same goes for sausages. They are simply non-existent here. What does exist however is hot-dog style sausages. Which are no substitute at all for a big thick juicy pork and apple. I’m hoping this situation resolves itself in Australia. 2. Milk

Guernsey may not do a lot to shout about, but milk really is one of them.
Milk here has a shelf life of weeks. Its processed, and it tastes it. I was delighted to find a shop selling mini packs of British cereals a while back. But the nostalgia just wasn’t the same without our frankly amazing dairy product.

Guernsey people that like milk. The next time you happen to be driving down Lancresse, stop the car, walk up to one of the cows and give it a big hug for providing you with the best milk in the world.
3. Carpet

I know, I know. But every single place that I’ve stayed for the last few months has had either wood, tiles, or stone floors.
It doesn’t matter how clean the place is, 20 seconds after taking your shoes off or getting out of the shower, the soles of your feet are dirty and picking up all sorts of dust. Which of course you inevitably carry into bed with you. Its a bit like sand in the shoes. No matter how much you bang them together, there always seem to be a few grains hanging around.

But I’m missing the feel of carpet on my feet. Especially on those days when you’ve been walking for ages, and the soles of your feet are red and sore.
Its a strange one, I admit. But its amazing what you find yourself longing for.
4. Chairs

At home I have two chairs. The first an office chair that I use at my desk. Its really comfortable, has swivels and leans backwards. Over the years its moulded to my bum shape, and is therefore ‘mine’.
The second is an embarrassingly named ‘gaming’ chair. It has speakers and a subwoofer built into it and I really couldn’t give a toss about that. What I care about is that it is banana shaped, so it sits low on the floor, and I can rock right back on it. It folds in two and I can put it out the way when I’m not using it. It is the perfect hight to complement my television and I love nothing more than laying back in it and watching a movie; my hand hung down the side to stroke the rabbit.
I think I can count on a couple of fingers the amount of truly comfortable chairs that I’ve sat on in the last couple of months. There was a huge wicker armchair in the bar at Raffles. A bus seat in Malaysia (so good that I feel asleep). The business class flight from Bali. A flight which even now I’m baffled about as it was cheaper then the equivalent economy flight. After that… I’m struggling.
The majority of seats I’ve been in are buses. Trains – which tend to be non-existent anyway as I’ve been taking sleepers. or of course whatever is in the hotel/hostel room and there is no guarantee there will be one. Generally I’ve been sat on cheap plastic ‘patio’ type chairs, or hard unpadded wooden chairs.
Functional, but not known for their comfort. Even now in a rather spiffing hotel, I’m actually perched on the end of the bed as its more comfortable then the provided chair in my room!

5. The availability of insoles

Really? Insoles? I hear you ask. But its true. I seem to be wearing through a pair every month or so. Not a problem at home, just pop to any supermarket or chemist and there will be some available to buy.
Its almost exactly the same here.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a pair of insoles in a size 10? It’s a very common size back home. But it’s bloody massive here and therefore a rare item.

I need another pair and I was just this morning dreading the hunt. Then my idiot mind realised that I’m in a place where you can hand in a pair of shoes and they will make an identical pair within 24 hours. If I can’t get some here then there is something seriously wrong.

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