Sorting my life out

Now I seem to be getting on top of this illness, it’s time to start making use of the time I have here. First clearing out my bag.

This basically consists of throwing everything on the bed and deciding if I want to keep it with me, send it home or just bin it. Since Chiang Mai I’ve been carrying a whole load more cables, battery chargers and electronic equipment than I’d really like which was generated when I had to replace my camera.

One of the biggest sources of bulk and weight are the little leaflets and booklets that I get handed when I visit somewhere. I always keep hold of them and think that I’ll get around to reading them.


I never do.

My toiletries bag only ever seems to grow, no matter how much stuff I actually use. Half of it seems to be for bug bites, or supposedly preventing bug bites. I’ve also picked up a surprising amount of little bags from charity projects. Some have proved more useful than others. I’ve also found myself taking any bottle of water that a hotel leaves out whether I need it or not at the time. There was a point in Cambodia when I was sick that I had 7 bottles with me. Sounds mad, but beats having to walk down the road to get some when you are ill.


I now always carry two deodorants with me as I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve left one behind after an early morning scramble. Actually it’s roughly the same amount of times that I’ve left a bottle of shower gel behind. Not such a problem in the tour hotels but a really annoying when in a hostel.


There is also the amazing bag of lollipops that I bought in Cambodia. They are my special occasional treat and come in three “milk” flavours. Strawberry, Chocolate and err melon. Melon tastes odd, but pleasant.


And here is the results after the tidy up. The pile on the right will continue along with me. The yellow bag goes in the bin, and the blue bag and its contents will be heading back to Guernsey. 

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