A special way with words

I know travel companies need to make things seem more attractive then they really are in order to get people interested in taking their trips. But sometimes, I think the writers take a few to many liberties with their prose.

For a handy example, here is how todays bus ride was dressed up in comparison to the reality.

What they say
What they mean

Rubber, tea and coffee line the route into the cooler climate of the South Central Highlands and the honeymoon town of Dalat (approx 8 hrs Leave at 07:30 arrive at 17:40 = 10 hours). Make a brief stop at La Nga River to see the fishing community (Eh? The bus pulled over at the side of a busy road and we walked across a road bridge) and also stop at Chicken Village, home to K’hor, Chill and Cham minorities (Yes, literally stop, get out look at a chicken statue and leave).

Walking across the bridge


The view from the bridge.


The Chicken

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