Regaining Control

OK, folk, existential crisis over. A couple of days rest and a working internet connection later and I feel back in control of what I’m doing.

First: I’m going to stop worrying about money in Australia and New Zealand. What it costs, it what it costs.Second: If something does cost and I think its worth my while; then I’ll spend it if I have to.
Third: Absolutely nothing is set in stone.

So here is the revised plan for the rest of the year.

First, I’ve decided to remain in Vietnam, but I will not be finishing the tour that I am on. Instead, I will stick with the tour until we reach Hoi An, and then when the tour moves on I will stay behind and be checking into a resort until Christmas Eve. I’ll then fly up to Hanoi and check into the hotel that I’d already had booked for Christmas.

So I should get the peace and quiet that I desire, and I ‘m not wasting any money on changing flights, or any additional flights.

I’ve also found a holiday cottage in New Zealand which I’ve booked for a week at the end of February as I figure I’m going to be in a very similar situation once I’ve done two months of shared accommodation and a hell of a lot of moving in Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve also made a significant decision about my last stop of the adventure. As it stands I’m sure to spend two weeks in the Cancun area before returning home. I had considered dropping this and just heading straight back, but I think I’ve found something better. Instead, I’ve decided to go to Cuba as I’ve found a regular flight between Cancun and Havana that costs less than I flight to Gatwick from home.
Cuba is one of the places I really want to visit, but didn’t think I’d be able to. Now, it looks like that is no longer the case and I’m going to have another new country to look forward to.

So thats where things are right now, and I sincerely hope that my stomach issues return to a level that allow me to get out and about and enjoy the rest of my time here in Vietnam before I reach Hoi An.

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