Maintain Radio Silence

I’m going to go radio silent for a couple of days now I’m here in Chiang Mai. 

Ironically, I have by far the best net connection that I’ve had since leaving home, at the exact time that I’ve decided to take a rest from sightseeing and writing.  I expect I’ll use the opportunity of a good connection to get a few decent res photos and maybe a video or two uploaded at some point later in the week.

I’ve barely done anything today, yet it has been expensive. I’ve had to sort out my Cambodian and Vietnam visas for the next six weeks travel, and unlike Malaysia and Thailand, their gorvenments want money to cross the border.

I’ve booked one trip for later this week, and it certainly wasn’t cheap. 

One of the big attractions here is elephants. 

Lots of the tours and daytrips here are elephant adventures. Most of them seem to entail riding on the elephants and watching them do tricks.

I really didn’t fancy that.

Instead I’m heading to a rehabilitation center for and ‘helping’ out for the day.

When you get down to it, I’m effectively paying to wash and feed elephants for a day.

Until then, I plan to do pretty much sweet FA. Have a few late mornings, read a book or two, watch a film, send a couple of e-mails. Pretty much anything but get up and get on a bus at 6am. Well, until Sunday when I have a flight at 7am!

So until the end of the week. 

This is Neil signing off.


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