More buses, buses, buses

We’ve travelled by bus now for the best part of two days, and seen practically nothing.

I had a terrible nights sleep. The hotel room had only a screen door, and the noise coming from outside kept me awake for a while. Then at 4am I was awoken by the sun pouring in through an east facing window in the ceiling that had no covering. It was bright enough in the room to read unaided, and made getting back to sleep near impossible.

At 8am we moved onto another very long days travel. First we drove a couple of hours down to the ferry port, where we caught a boat over to Bali. We then drove for over 6 hours, arriving at our current location, Tanah Lot just in time for the entire town to shut for the evening. By 9pm not even a minimarket was open, and not a soul could be found on the streets. By 9:30 the barman asked us to order our last drinks, as he was now going to bed!

The 6 hours in the car doesn’t include stopping for lunch, or the hour we spent at a garage waiting for a mechanic as one of the vans developed a transmission problem which forced us to stop.

To top it all off, I spent most of the next day in bed throwing up. Something that I can only subscribe to a chicken curry that I had here at the hotel, as I had been perfectly alright before that.

Someone was cheeky enough to suggest that it may be because I was unused to spicy food! Err, nope. Even if I was, this thing tasted like a watered down Korma so there wasn’t exactly a lot of spice in it.

But it was bound to happen at some time. I’m frankly surprised its taken this long. I’m writing this the following morning (whilst waiting for another bus) an whilst I wont pretend to feel great, I feel much better now.

So despite being in Bali for two days, I can’t really say too much about the place. The beaches that we drove past looked fantastic, and its easy to see why when I was 16, my older surf mad friend Paul and his surfing mates came and spent a few months out here.

The countryside looks beautiful, all fields and terraced rice paddies. The town I am in feels like a giant tourist trap. Its a huge market that seems to sell just clothes and souvenirs. There is a temple, but I didn’t feel like I’d make it that far.

We move onto Ubad today which is our last stop.

I have to say that I’m very disappointed with Intrepid, the tour company that has organised this. We have had nothing organised for the last four days, and there is nothing organised for today. Not exactly what you would call value for money.

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