Leaving Singapore, arriving in Malaysia

> > I’m not sure that I can call today a good day. It started well enough, if slightly too early for my liking as I checked out of that god awful hostel and got a taxi to the airport. > > Air Asia had 4 self-service check in machines. Three were out of order and the 4th, which I used dint have any paper to dispense the boarding card. >

> > > But eventually I managed to get checked in. Even if the overly smiley baggage attendant did grate with her “you find it much easier to check in online and bring your print out”. Yeah, must remember to bring that printer with me next time I go backpacking. > > I then processed though security and into the duty free area. > > I went for some breakfast and then a little mad in the shops. I found a chocolate shop and they had imported British chocolate, these included Boosts and I just ha to get a couple. They also had American sweets and I bought a big bag (in typical American fashion, it says medium on the packet) of Peanut Butter M&Ms, which I fell in love with in the States and have missed since Alice brought some into work after her American Trip. >

> > > I also went into an electronics store, continuing my search for a multi or gang plug adaptor. That search was fruitless, but I didn’t leave empty handed. > > I bought a clip in projector for the iPhone. It just goes in the accessory port and projects a 50″ image onto any surface. I’ve already made good use of it, watching a couple of movies. I figure with the amount of time I’ll be spending in rooms etc, that it’ll make itself useful. > > One thing really pissed me off in Singapore. I’d gone through customs etc, and I’d bought a small bottle of water and a small coke. However, they then had a second security check on the gate itself and confiscated them. I wasn’t even allowed to drink them at the gate before boarding. > > I am convinced that this 2nd security checks only purpose is to generate revenue for the airlines by forcing you to purchase their drinks on board. I think it is an absolute joke that they would even sell bottles in the duty free area I they cannot be taken on board. > > The flight was ok, although the last 20 minutes was a drag. The child sat behind me got bored and started to rock my seat back and forth, but this was dealt with swiftly by some actual parenting. Its come to something that parenting came as a surprise. In my recent experience parenting seems to generally be something else left at the airline gates and kids can scream, bang about and kick seats just as much as they’d like without anything being said. > > Unfortunately for me, I was caught in a Bermuda triangle of screaming babies. One directly behind, one a row in front and one on the row to my immediate left. > > The plane descended fairly rapidly, and I felt my ears popping at a far greater frequency than usual as we began our decent. This must have had an effect on the babies, as when we began he decent they begin screaming in unison and did not stop until well after we got on the ground. > > Maybe we could invent some kind of pressure suit for travelling babies. One that keeps them at a constant pressure and temperature for
> Journey so they won’t get uncomfortable. That a pressurised suit would not allow any noise out would just be a bonus. > > Arrival was nice and pleasant. Entry was a doddle, without even an entry form to fill out. I have a bit of a laugh with a couple of man United fans that were selling SIM cards in the arrivals hall. Unfortunately, the simplicity came to an end as I left the rivals only to discover that I did not have any pickup from my hostel. I’ve written about the hostel, and so I won’t go into detail here. >

> > > After settling in I popped out and went for a late afternoon lunch at a nearby place called Moms Thai. I had a Tiger Prawn Red Curry, and oh. my. god. My mouth was on fire, my lips were numb, I was pouring with sweat but the taste. Oh the taste. My mates will hate me when I get back because whenever we go for Thai, I’m going to be going on about how it isn’t as good as the one I had in a shack by a road in Malaysia. The tiger prawn was huge. Properly huge. In fact as it was still in the shell, but with the legs pulled off, I genuinely thought they’d brought me a lamb shank by mistake. This thing was as thick as my wrist! The cost, with two small heinikens? About £4.50.
> > I went back to the hostel, and the owner was sat in the common area. I tried, engaging in conversation about Langkawi, Malaysia, and about the hostel; but again he just completely blanked me. In fact, whenever I tried to speak to him he behaved very aggressively. When a couple of girls that I have seen earlier arrived he changed completely and was sweetness and light with them. Suffice to say that I eventually had enough of the owners attitude & sought out alternate accommodation for the next day. > > As I searched for accommodation I found the Burau Bay resort. The resort itself is rather lovely. It has a private beach, and the rooms are each individual cabins. However what I love about the place is that it is right on the edge of the rainforest, and so there are tremendous amount of wildlife wandering around the place. It’s not exactly a backpacker hangout, but this island is so lovely that I just want to chill out relax and enjoy it in a bit comfort.

> > > The resort is really quiet, and I’m loving that. I probably sound mad to anyone other than people that have travelled. But despite being surrounded by rainforest on one side and beaches on the other. I’m just thrilled to have a bathroom to myself. No having to get dressed if I need the toilet in the night. No waiting. Any mess is my mess and above all I’ve been able to shower for as long as I want without inconveniencing anyone else! > > I’ve needed a couple of days just to recover from moving around so much and its something I’ll need to look at for my future schedule. Perhaps changing my accommodation in Chile to something a little more comfortable as that stop comes at the end of three months of tours around Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand!
> > If I have any complaint, it is a minor one. The food is lovely, but it is very westernised. There are very little choice on the menu that you would consider Southeast Asian or local. However, the pizzas are a thing of wonder.

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