A brief note

Travelingbooks was started as a way to document a journey that I took across America. Since then I have travelled more extensively, and this site has become my record of those adventures.

Fundamentally this site is a diary, albeit one that is written with the knowledge that anyone can read it. I try to write in a way that anyone can access this site and go away having read something that makes sense to them even though they may be unfamiliar with both myself, or the subject that I have written about. Whilst this is a completely amateur site (I receive no renumeration of any kind for posting content, I have no advertising on the site and any places that I visit I do so at my own expense); I do hold myself to certain self-imposed rules

1. Everything is the truth as I understand it. Everything that I write about or photograph happened. Any facts I state are either those I found out through my own research, or were provided to me by a source such as a tour guide.

2. Photographs are edited for clarity and to reflect my own style, but will never be ‘photoshopped’ in a way to fundamentally change the image – eg cloning out a street sign, person in a street etc. The subject of the image will be as I saw it

3. I will accurately reflect my experiences both good and bad.

This is a site reporting my experiences, which means I will write about the situations that I find myself in, and express an opinion on that situation. This will occasionally include material that a reader may find offensive, or hold a particularly strong opinion of their own that may be completely opposed to my own. So why am I clarifying this now?

The other day I visited a Chinese market. In the market was livestock that were kept in the most appalling conditions. Brutal conditions, and the animals were treated appallingly. I took photographs, and I know that putting them on this site will invoke a reaction from anyone that sees them. I thought that maybe I should not publish them, that putting them on here would be nothing but sensationalist. However, the simple fact is that not to write about what I saw, not to show the photos and say how I felt would be against everything that I want this site to be. It is not sensationalism and I’m not hoping to shock anyone; it is simply a true account of what I witnessed and how I felt about it and for that I make no apology.

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