So it begins.

So this is it, I’m sat at Heathrow and there is no turning back now.

Last night was difficult as I had a full on attack of nerves and so had very little sleep.

There is no doubt that I’m sad to be leaving Guernsey, and a day like yesterday made it clear why. I saw a whole bunch of friends and the realisation that I won’t be having takeaway and movie nights at Glenn’s, or pointlessly driving around with Smithy was strange one.

That is the thing though. Yesterday was spent looking backwards. Today is the start of looking forward at what is to come.

Unfortunately the first thing to come is a ten hour flight, but after that…..

My first stop is Beijing. I arrive at 02:30 our time and 09:30 their time. So I really need to get some sleep on the plane or I’m going to totally screw my body clock before I even begin.

I don’t have anything planned for my first day beyond settling into my accommodation and perhaps checking out the surrounding area. Sunday is when I will hit the city as I have a day tour lined up to take me around the major sites which should be a good orientation.

My thanks to Paul for picking me up so early and taking me to the airport. Around 9-10 years ago we did the same thing, only it was him going travelling and me saying goodbye!

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