Checking in. literally.

So despite my protestations earlier in the year when returned from Germany. I haven’t put the travelling aside as I expected, because I’m currently sat in a gatwick cafe having lunch before checking in and heading to Malta for the week. I don’t expect to be doing a lot of writing or even taking a lot of photographs. This trip is all about chilling out and relaxing in some nice weather. However, I do have one big trip coming up in September/October as I am going to Hong Kong for 10 days. Needless to say I am looking forward to it immensely. Germany was my lowest point in years. On my knees repeatedly throwing up, alone, wracked with depression in a bitterly cold hotel room. It’s no wonder that I put a halt on any further travel plans. Yet here I am at the airport. So what’s changed? Well to start with I’ve managed to get the depression under control and that has led to a complete turnaround. for a start I’ve began a distance learning degree in photography and am now a couple of months in. So just the few years to go! Part of the requirement is that I maintain a learning log as and this can be found online at Working on the degree has had me thinking creatively once again, and this has had a big impact on my mood. I’ve also been roping my friends into posing and modelling, so there has been an increased social aspect as well. So my time has been pretty full recently. Plotting, planning and putting all the things that I’ve needed to do into action. As tends to happen I’ve found myself getting run down and a little restless. So that’s called for a holiday. Malta seems like an interesting place. A compromise between the cheapness of budget travel, but away from the beach resorts of Spain and Portugal. In truth I’m expecting this to be different to my usual adventures. I’m planning to spend just the one day exploring and the rest of my time stretched out and reading books that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with photographic theory or history, and sipping on something nice and cold before having a dip in the pool. Could be heaven. Or I could be bored by the fourth hour and going into my usual ‘must see everything’ mode. Either way. Should be good.

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