The bathroom blitz

I think that I can now officially say that I’m ill.

New Years Day was spent in my hotel room, sprawled out on the bed reading Marvel comics on my iPad. The day was interspersed with rushing to the bathroom to spit out huge mouth-full’s of coughed up phlegm, or to vomit copious amounts of bile & associated debris. My throat feels like it has constricted and swallowing has become very painful. Strangely the roof of my mouth has become swollen, but only on the right-hand side. Such is the pain from swallowing, my right-eye will close involuntarily!

I’ve still been unable to sleep, with my longest period topping out at 4 hours, which may have gone on longer but was rudely interrupted by my alarm, for today is a travel day. in about an hours time I’ll be moving onto the train station and heading for Cologne. I’m hoping that the journey will pass without incident or delay as all I want to do is get back to bed. Strangely despite the apparent disaster that this trip has become, I don’t feel too down about it. It’s almost as if being ill has taken my mind off of other things. I’ll fully admit that right now I would rather be at home, even if it is for no other reason then preferring to be ill in familiar surroundings.

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