Things to do in Wurzburg when you’re dead

Today has not been a good day. I was due to go to Nuremburg, but after another sleepless night, one in which I’ve developed a wracking cough, I decided that I needed to catch up on some sleep as I’d estimate I’ve had about three hours in four days. In short I’m running on empty, and this is supposed to be a holiday not an endurance trail. So I’ve decided that lie-ins, reading and relaxing are called for in the remainder of my time here.

In truth, I’m not doing so good. Walking around Wurzburg yesterday one thing became painfully apparent – every pub, restaurant and corner store is closed for Silvester (New Years). This means that I’m effectively limited to the hotel for food and drink. The food so far has been awful. The first night was a meal, pork steaks – however they were covered in a mustard sauce, and the flavour of mustard makes me want to vomit. Meals, which are provided in the cost of the holiday, have since been moved to a giant room with a buffet set-up. However, there are about 600 other guests trying to get to this buffet at the same time, and the whole experience (or ordeal) is more akin to a rugby scrum. I’m far too polite to survive in the elbows out, push and shove that was last nights feed. The buffet itself was jellied meats, or chicken in a mustard sauce. If tonight is the same I’m going to have to learn the German for ‘I’d like a pizza delivered to’.

I finally managed to fall asleep this morning at some time past 8am. Only to be awoken at 10am by housekeeping phoning me to find out when I want my room cleaned. My fault for assuming the ‘do not disturb’ sign was a big enough hint. I woke up again around 11ish and found myself running for the bathroom. As soon as I arrived I vomited up huge quantities of bright green phlegm. Three or four times my stomach heaved, until there was nothing left to come out. Nothing solid came along, which is unsurprising considering that there was next to nothing in there anyway. The mirror was most unkind greeting me with the image of a haunted man. Pale, except dark circles around the eyes, eyes which themselves were redder then I have ever seen them. basically, I looked shit, and I feel shit. I took a shower and went back to bed, getting a couple more hours sleep. I still feel shit, but haven’t thrown up again. so that’s one improvement. In an hour the ball starts. My suit is ready, as is a shirt and tie. I’m not. I don’t know how long I’ll last, but I’m going to give it a shot. If only because I may finally get something to eat. I don’t feel like eating really, but equally I don’t want any more dry heaving.

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