Off to Germany

I’m currently sat at the airport waiting for a flight to Gatwick; for what feels like the umpteenth time this year. I’m spending the day in London, and tonight I’m seeing Bill Bailey in concert. But the main reason that Im here is that tomorrow I’ll be heading off to Germany to see in the New Year. I’m heading to Bravaria, specifically Wurzburg. I’ll also be visiting Nuremberg and spending a night in Cologne. Unlike my last two trips I’m back to travelling solo, and for that reason I’m suddenly feeling very nervous about the whole thing. But as always, I’m reasonably sure that once I’m in the air those feelings will pass. It should prove an interesting journey at least, as I’m getting there by rail. First on the Eurostar to Brussels, and then local services to Wurzburg. To be honest I’ve really no idea what I’m doing on this one. I booked it a while ago in a moment of spontaneity when I was feeling very low. I just needed something to look forward to. Now a couple of months later, and I’m feeling even lower and this suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea! That’s likely the nerves talking, or at least I hope it is. Other then the photography opportunities, there is not a specific thing that I’m looking forward to seeing or doing. The current temperature being around -12c is not ideal either. But on the positive, it should be a beautiful place, and as I don’t have to try and get to work in it, the snow will be welcome for once.

As a result of that temperature, my suitcase is rather larger then normal. I’ve got approximately twice as much as I took to the USA, and that was for nearly a month. Jumpers, walking boots and a suit for New Years Eve take up a lot more room then shorts and sandals. I feel completely overpacked, but know I’ll need it once I step outside. Next stop London.

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