Its all gone a little bit Withnail

One of my favourite movie quotes of all time comes from the film Withnail & I; “I’ve come on holiday by mistake”. Until today, I never though that I’d be uttering that phrase regarding my own situation.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m full of cold and am generally feeling like crap. what has changed since yesterday is that now I’m feeling crap in a small hotel room in London.

I awoke this morning and felt a little better then yesterday. My cough had subsided and my throat didn’t feel too sore. I went to the airport where I was robbed in broad daylight. Maybe not in a legal sense of the word, but when a bacon sarnie and a small bottle of water costs £6.58; then yes, I’m calling it robbery.

By the time I got to London, I was starting to feel awful. By the time I got to pick up my luggage, I really was feeling awful. Arriving at the hotel via the Gatwick Express and the tube, I was just about ready to drop. I don’t know what I looked like to the receptionist, but I felt like I was swaying and drowning in sweat. Finally getting into my room I crashed out. A couple of hours in bes was followed by a walk to the chemist, where I loaded up with medication. Just that short walk was enough to determine that I was in no state to do anything even as relaxing as visiting a meal. Loaded up on medication, hit the sack again. I’ve basically come on holiday and decided to stay in bed because I’m feeling so rotten.

Tonight I’m due to see Fulham Vs Shakthar Donestsk at Craven Cottage. According to Google the ground is a little over a mile away from the nearest tube, and three miles from my hotel. I’ve booked a cab. I’ll at least get to see a match that I’ve already paid to see. I’ll worry about getting later. Maybe a slow shuffle to the tube whilst trying not to collapse, or hail a cab if I see one. Of course the problem is that there will probably be 20,000 other people doing the same!

So, as I said yesterday – fingers crossed that I feel better tomorrow. I really don’t fancy spending another day in the hotel.

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