The next adventure

Wow, it has been a long time since I had an update. Then again it has been a long time since I had any plans to go anywhere!

My next adventure will be to visit Morocco for ten days. Not as a traveller, or even as a tourist, but as a student. I will be taking part in a photography workshop in the time that I am there. This will be my first trip to the continent of Africa and it will mark my first time in that continent and my fourth continent in less then 24 months! I’m also hoping to go much further into Africa with a trip to Kenya in 2010, but I don’t want to say too much just yet.

However, prior to this I have yet another trip to what is rapidly becoming my fall back destination – London. My birthday is in February and for the last five or so yers that has meant a trip to Jersey with my friends. Usually for me it is one of the biggsest days in the calendar. Not because it is my birthday, butbecause it is one of those occasions that everyone seems to turn out for. I think it is just that it sufficuantly far enought from Christmas that peopke just want a good time, rather then any affection. But then again, I have been told off for thinking like that in the past.

This year I am going to London for a few days. I’ll be going off on the 18th February, and that evening I have a ticket to see Fulham vs Shakhtar Donetsk, at Craven Cottage. I’m not a Fulham supporter, but the chance of seeing a UEFA cup match was too good to miss. Kudos to Fulham for their ticket prices as well. A knockout tie at home for less then the price of a Spurs friendly? Thanks guys. I’ll be cheeering for you, even if I’ll be hoping we stuff you next week!

On the Friday is my reason for the entire trip. I’ll be seeing Imogen Heap’s last night of her UK tour. Anyone that has read this blog beofer may understand my ‘obsession’ with Imogens Heaps’s music. I’ve managed to get afew of my friends intersted in her music (funnily enough all those that have listened to her. I’ve not had one person come back and say it was shit.

Then on my birthday itself, I’ll be heading of to see another of my idols – the one and only, the legendery Jimmy Greeves. Greevesy and I share a birthday (I’m sure he’s honoured). Greavsy is giving a talk/show at the O2, for his 70th with a lot of the old Spurs footballers that I’ve grown up idolising.

I can’t stress how much that I am looking forward to this trip. Since I’ve got back from the States, I feel that I have slotted straight back into the groove that I occupied so well prior to going. Money has been exceptionally tight since returning, mainly dur to rent having doubled. This has thrown all my plans out the window. Hoprefully, London will give me that reminder/kick up the arse that I need to remember what it is that I am working for.

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