One last trip for the year

So, I’m currently sat at the airport waiting for Jeff. Today we are heading up to Wembley Stadium to see the New England Patriots take on the Tampa Bay Buccaniers inthe NFL international series.

Five months ago I’d never been to wembley or seen a live american football match. Now I’m about to do both for the second time.

I’m intregied to see what the atmosphere is going to be like. A stadium packed to watch a regular season match of a foreign league. I wonder what the make up

Of the fans will be. I expect most teams to be represented. No one team in particular to have all the support. Most people I expect will be there for the experiance rather then the specific teams.

I’ll be wearing my broncos shirt. Which is something i’d never do at a normal football match. Imagine turning up at Spirs vs Arsenal in a Chelsea shirt. Both sets of fns would lynch you!

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