LA to San Fran

As expected the train journey was fairly boring. The train journey is known as the coast starlight but we only saw the coast for a short amount of time during the journey.

Funnily enough the only real stretch of coast that we saw contained the Channel Islands. Not my Channel Islands of course, but those nature reserve impostors.

The last hour of the trip though was a riot. Russell, a mischievous Scottish rascal (when his wife is out of earshot) decreed that our carriage would henceforth be known as the singing carriage. Every person that tried to pass was asked to sing a few lines for everyones enjoyment. A few ran a mile, but a few joined in with real gusto.

At one stage everyone was singing Twist and Shout, backed by a few girls that had wondered along and being recorded by a couple of previous victims, er, participants.

We arrived at Oakland station to late to contemplate doing anything other then go to bed. However seeing San Francisco for the first time from the Bay Bridge all lit up was the perfect way to be introduced to a new city.

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