The briefest of updates

Well I haven’t forgotten about this site, and the second I get a chance I’ll write a full update and get some photos and video up. The last few days have been unbelievably hectic. I’m so turned inside out with times and dates that I couldn’t tell you what day it is.

I left Washington on a train called the Capitol Limited. This took me to Chicago, after a journey of 17 odd hours. Straight from the train (on which I barely slept a wink, and the other travelers had the same problem) to a tour bus for the obligatory tour of the city. I didn’t expect much of Chicago, but it is beautiful and I wish I had more time there. In the time I did have I went for a bit of a walk around the city center. I visited the Museum of Contemporary art. Then I went to an amazing aquarium and a cool sports bar.

The next morning, less then 24 hours after arriving it was time to jump on the California Zephyr to Denver. A twenty hour train journey and next to no sleep later and I arrived in Denver. This is another great city. A very surprising place. No time to relax though as I checked into the hotel and walked to Coors Field to see the Colorado Rockies vs New York Mets baseball match.

Straight after that I started to make my way to Invesco Field to see the Denver Broncos vs Arizona Cardinals in a pre-season match. The altitude and lack of sleep finally caught up, so I jumped in a cab. I’m bloody glad I did because as it turns out Invesco field is miles from where it appeared to be on the map. The game was fantastic, but guaranteed a late night.

This was unfortunate as I had to get up very early to get on a tour to Rocky Mountain National Park. Suffice to say this was a stunning environment, but involved a little walking at altitude and in total lated over 11 hours. Fatigue is really setting in now. Tomorrow brings another really early morning – 6am departure – down to a place called Grand Junction. I’m going to try and catch up some sleep. Then find a coffee shop or bar with wi-fi and write about Chicago and Denver whilst its still fresh in the mind. Tons of photos and videos to go through and upload as well.

Got to go now. I can barely see the screen and I have to pack for the morning. Still I wouldn’t swap what I’m doing for the world.

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