Less then a week to go

So the trip is now just around the corner. I’m getting both very nervous and very excited.

I’m 99% ready for the trip now. Just a couple of toiletries to pick up, and to get some USD from the bank. I’ll have to sort out clothes etc this weekend and get everything packed. I’m usually terrible for that. I’ll pack and repack a hundred times, and without fail I always take too much with me. So this time I’m taking a really small case and just a few shirts that can get washed at the hotels.

I’ve been given loads of tips of things to do and see and now I just want to get the trip started now. I read about so many places and talked about it with so many people that I still can’t quite believe its going to happen. It is of course, and I’ve got all the tickets etc to prove it. But I don’t think it will sink in until I board the plane at Guernsey Airport.

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