The interminable waiting

Forty days until boarding that plane to Gatwick. After booking everything so long ago it is now so close that I can now see the date on the same screen of the calendar. Yet it still feels such a long way away. Each day that passes feels so much longer then the last, time stretching in a way it has not done since childhood and those last few days before Christmas.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the sensation of time passing will be much more hurried once on the trip.

One oasis in the desert of waiting arrives next Friday. I’ll be heading to London, Wembley Stadium to be precise. Tottenham Hotspur are playing Barcelona in the inaugural Wembley Cup, and I have a ticket.

I’m very much looking forward to the match, even if it is a pre-season friendly. I haven’t seen Spurs play for a couple of years now, and seeing Barca play is on my ‘Bucket List’ and its always brilliant to cross something off of that particular list. I don’t know what the attendance is likely to be, but Spurs always pull a large crowd, Barca are a massive draw and Celtic are also playing on the same day and they have huge following. It is likely that there will be more people in the stadium to watch a friendly then the entire population of Guernsey. It doesn’t matter how many of these events you go to, that thought always blows my mind.

I have a free day to kill before returning. I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do for the day. I’ll probably pop to the Regents Street Apple store to have a play. But I’m sure that I’ll find something to do in one of the worlds busiest cities.

I’m going to treat the trip as a dry run for the States and will journal the experience here. It will be a good test to make sure that the site is functioning correctly. Shockingly for me, I’m going to leave the laptop at home, a decision akin to leaving home without my left arm. All updates will be done using the iPhone, and I’m hoping that a few free Wi-Fi hotspots can be found.

Speaking of the website. I’m still not keen on the layout. It feels very sterile. As you can tell I’m certainly not a web developer, so am just trying to put everything together with limited ability. Hopefully I’ll put together something that I like, and then I’ll leave it well alone.

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